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SWD-1501 Single Head Machine


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Go above and beyond with our extra-wide SWD embroidery machine. With the largest embroidery area in the industry, this 15-needle commercial embroidery machine is perfect for embroidery on large items like bags, jackets and tablecloths as well as regular items like polos and caps.

Creativity at your fingertips

If you can hoop it, you can embroider it. Check out just some of the many
projects created with the SWD-1501 embroidery machine.

Creativity at your fingertips

If you can hoop it, you can embroider it. Check out just some of the many
projects created with the SWD-1501 embroidery machine.

High-Definition True-Color 8″
LCD Touch Screen

Run your machine with ease with the SWD’s high-definition true-color 8-inch LCD touch screen panel. With a memory capacity of 20 million stitches, this computerized panel allows you to upload and edit design settings and create customized lettering. You can also transfer designs wirelessly to the panel from the Chroma software included with your machine.


Suitable for embroidery on flats, caps, finished garments and more!

Perfect for small and established businesses alike

High-Definition True-Color 8-inch LCD Touch Screen

Maximum embroidery area: 800 x 500 mm, or 31.5 x 19.7 in

Maximum speed: 1000 spm

Large memory capacity: 20 million stitches or 200 designs

Machine reads multiple design formats such as DST, DSB and more

270° wide angle cap system

Smaller sewing arm greatly improves the performance of cap embroidery and embroidery on small items

Heavy duty steel stand with wheels to ensure both stability and mobility

Multiple hoop sizes for a variety of embroidery needs

Automatic color change

Automatic thread trimmer

External 100° button and trimming button

Reinforced upper thread clamp to ensure stable trimming

Thread break detection

Networkable and Wi-Fi capable

Design transfer via Wi-Fi from Chroma software to 8S panel

Easily add appliqué, sequin, boring or cording

Frame offset and frame outlining available for easy appliqué

Automatic memory retention

One-step tracing button on home screen

Adjustable control panel positioning for better visibility and comfort

Built-in button from 172° to 196° under manual color change mode, a great help for machine maintenance

Recessed USB port to protect USB flash drive

Emergency stop button

Multiple languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic,Italian, Czech, Polish and more

Servo motor 150W – lowest power consumption in the industry!

Built-in universal power supply, 110V/60Hz and 220V/50Hz self-adaptable worldwide

DC36V micro-step motor for X & Y axis driving to ensure low noise and less vibration

Compatible with optional laser tracing device

Front LED lamp provides better visibility and protection for eyes against strong light during threading

Environmentally friendly packaging

Largest embroidery area in the industry!


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