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ricomadistributor.com - 8 April 2023

Nalc Contract 2020 Update

The National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) has recently released an update on their contract negotiations for 2020. The NALC represents over 200,000 employees of the United States Postal Service (USPS) who work as letter carriers across the country.

The negotiations have been ongoing for months and the latest update from NALC indicates that there has been some progress made in the talks. The two main issues that have been discussed in the negotiations are wages and benefits.

According to the update, the NALC has proposed a 3.4% wage increase for letter carriers, which is in line with the current rate of inflation. The union has also proposed changes to the healthcare benefits of letter carriers, which would include reducing the cost of premiums and increasing the number of healthcare providers that can be used.

The USPS has not yet responded to these proposals, but the NALC remains optimistic that progress will be made in the negotiations. The union has stated that they are committed to reaching a fair and reasonable agreement that benefits both letter carriers and the USPS.

In addition to wages and benefits, the negotiations have also addressed issues related to the working conditions of letter carriers. The NALC has proposed changes to the route evaluation process, which would ensure that letter carriers are not overworked or underpaid for their work.

The negotiations between the NALC and USPS are critical for the future of letter carriers and the postal service as a whole. The USPS has faced significant financial challenges in recent years, and a fair and reasonable contract with the NALC is essential for the continued success of the organization.

In conclusion, the update on the NALC contract negotiations for 2020 indicates that progress is being made in the talks. The proposed wage and benefit changes would provide a significant boost to letter carriers, and the proposed changes to the route evaluation process would ensure that they are treated fairly and compensated appropriately for their work. Both the NALC and USPS are committed to reaching an agreement, and we hope that a fair and reasonable contract will be reached soon.

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