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RiCOMA DISTRIBUTOR  is a private company in cooperation with the Ricoma Base company to provide affordable Embroidery Machines af affordable Factory prices. We’re supplied directly at the Ricoma factory. Our affordable prices are due to the fact we buy as wholesale company directly from the factory avoiding all middle men and retailers.
Embroidery is a beautiful art that allows you to express your creativity in the best ways possible, and we’re here to make sure that all your envisioned dreams become a reality. We saw the problem of many creative minds who wishes to bring their talents into reality but don’t have enough funds to carry out this duties, so we get into contract with Ricoma to supply with an affordable rates.


We have been in the embroidery business for a good number of years now, and what was built out of passion is now the thing we cannot imagine our lives without.

Our embroidery business was built out of a deep passion for sewing, and to us, this has been that one thing that we do only to express ourselves and bring beauty to the world through bespoke embroidery designs, tools, and equipment. If you are only getting started in embroidery or sewing, we believe that Ricoma distributor is the home you didn’t know you needed.

We are here to supply you with all the tools and supplies you need for embroidery sewing. Whether you are a sewist, dressmaker, designer, crafter, quilter, embroiderer or manufacturer (or something else entirely!) we are sure you will find something lovely and useful amongst our product range.

Here you will find a large range of Ricoma Embroidery machines, machine accessories, sewing tools, threads, pattern-making supplies, haberdashery, embroidery essentials, and the necessaries for knitting and crochet.
We are passionate makers who love to give expert advice and friendly personal service.
New Ricoma products, brands and newly arrived machines for sewing, quilting embroidery, overlocking, cutting and more. We have all levels for all needs from the latest high tech computerised “dream machines” like the Stellaire and Luminaire, to machines designed with fundamental simplicity to excite beginners. We also have a great range of Ricoma industrial machines. Our full range comes with demonstrations, instructions and guarantees.

We pride ourselves on future proofing your sewing and craft needs with quality and support.
Ricoma embroidery operates one of the largest sewing machines and embroidery machines across Asia and Europe.

To ensure the best performance of embroidery businesses, Ricoma Distributor supplies industrial sewing machines, embroidery machines, sewing supplies, and DTG Printers for garments. Our products are of excellent quality, and they are competitively priced. Before we ship any product to a customer, our technicians do major check up of all the parts to make sure they’re in perfect conditions before we can proceed with the shipments.
If you are exploring the embroidery world, you will be happy to note that we offer all the tools and materials you’d need to start and build your embroidery hobby into a business. You can buy the items on our website as individuals or in the collections provided. Our products are affordable, they are made of the best quality materials, and you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

So, if you love embroidery and sewing but haven’t been sure about how to start, we are the creative resource you need


We are committed to offering the best Aftercare support in today’s apparel decoration industry. Our comprehensive machine warranties and service contracts are designed to give peace of mind.

We aim to ensure all our customers feel comfortable and competent with their new equipment from installation and extensive overview of equipment through to a full product training programme. Our highly trained technical team have extensive industry knowledge and are available to assist our customers every step of the way.

  1. Comprehensive peace of mind warranty
  2. Full-install and product training
  1. Delivery only
  2. Delivery and installation or
  3. Delivery, installation, and full product training




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